Alderley Edge Treasure

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The finding of the Alderley Gold Bars is one of the Greatest Treasure finds in the United Kingdom,This site has been set up to show what the TV programs will not tell you....that is where the Alderley Treasure Bars where exacley found, also you can now see both sides of each gold bar. There are also two rings found at Brynlow, Alderley ...To see the bars in the best possible way the minimum spec is your computer set up as Tru Color 24bit All the pictures of the bars have to be scrolled ....

On the 26th of February 1993 an inquest was held at Congleton, Cheshire into the find of a Gold Bar, the Gold Bar was found in an earth bank at the side of Artist Lane, at Alderley Edge,Cheshire UK.

The Gold Bar was found with the aid of a Metal detector, the unusual situation about the inquest was that it was stated exactly where the Gold Bar was found. After it was reported in the press on the 27th of February several people started to search areas with metal detectors in the Alderley area.

Six Gold Bars have been found at Alderley Edge, they are.

Bar 1... Has been to the British Museum for a report. and was on show to the public at the Manchester Museum .{Bar No1 from the inquest}

This is the Bar on show at the Manchester museum from December 1998 to February 1999, Bar1 is from the Treasure Trove inquest at Congleton. Attending the inquest as the landowner was the leading Archaeologist Adrian Tindall principal conservation officer (Archaeology) Cheshire County Council. The British Museum Report read out at the inquest Stated that the bar was gold alloy content is 73% gold 14% silver and 13% copper weight of the bar is 97.01 grams. The report stated that the copper content is slightly higher Than expected for prehistoric gold!( All the gold bars were found On the edge of an ancient copper mining area) the report Was written by John Cherry British Museum.

Bar 2 was found under the golden stone north side on june 23rd 1993. The golden stone is near Edge House Farm Alderley Edge. The bar is composed of 76% gold 11% silver and 13% copper. Bar 2 weighs 101.20grms.

Alderley Gold bar 2

Bar 3 was found at the bottom right hand side of the waterfall in waterfall wood, Alderley Edge on 9th October 1997. The bar is composed of 60% gold 10% silver 30% copper. The bar weighs 81.90 grms
Alderley Gold bar 3

Other side Gold bar 3

Bar 4 was found at the side of Artists Lane, Brynlow Dell on a date not known, but belived to be in the 1960s The bar is composed of 74% gold 13% silver 13% copper. Bar 4 weighs 100.70 grms.

Alderley Gold bar 4

The other Sides of Gold bars 3 and 4 together

Bar 5 was also found under the golden stone in 1993 near Edge House Farm. with bar 5 was also found a copper frame, it is belived that The bars weight is 97grms.

Alderley Gold bar 5

.other side Gold bar 5

Bar 6 was found five yards to the east of the golden stone at the same time as bars 2 and 5 June 23 1993,The bar is composed of 75% gold 13% silver 12% copper The bars weight is 100.06 grms. The size of the bar is 90 mm long and 21mm across at the narrow point. Bar 6 is taken on a map of Alderley Edge, Artists Lane runs just above the word Brynlow, Edge Ho is Edge house farm.

Alderley Gold bar 6

Other side Gold bar 6

Birmingham Assay Office Report on gold bar No6

Gold Bars 2 and 5 fitted together in the copper frame The frame was found with bar 5 at the side of the Golden stone

Gold Bars 2 and five in the copper frame

The Golden Stone and finding bar3 in waterfall woods

Ring with Roman coin tested as 18carat Gold, coin is bronze Found in side passage of one of the Brynlow Levels...the level is the nearest to the Hough level entrance. Found in floor sand by a member of the Northern Caving Club 1963

Gold Roman coin ring

Ring i8ct Gold set with a massive Star Ruby size of ruby 53 carat total weight of ring 1oz, found in the floor at the end of the same passage as the roman coin ring was found....That is the long passage Found by a member of the Northern Caving Club 1963. As yet there is no relation to the gold bars being found at Alderley Edge.

ring star Ruby

Star Ruby Ring picture 2

Bars 2 and 5 in cooper frame