Alderley Edge Mines and Quarry

Exploration and the recovery of mining artifacts 1960-1969

Treasure finds at Alderley

This site and pages are about the Alderley edge Mines in the 1960s The closing and blasting of the mine entrances and the collection Of historic mine artifacts rescue from the area by cavers at Alderley. It is taken that you have knowledge and have visited the mines at Alderley Edge, if you want to know the history of the mining area And up to date information on the mines do a search in google.

{short description of image} This picture of the opencast area at Engine Vein mine would be Impossible to be taken in the year 2001 because the area has been filled in and is flooded near the surface.

{short description of image}

              This is Engine Vein mine to-day, the pool is about 10ft above the man on the ladder.

   Charles Roe Starts Mining at Alderley Edge
Charles Roe Starts using Alderley Copper for the first Conder Tokens
The Newspaper report The Closeing of Wood Mine
   Tramrails finds at alderley

     Treasure ,Gold Finds at Alderley

The Mystery of John Evans and gold at Alderley Edge

 Alderley Edge Red Moulding sand Quarry....The Raids


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